Super Robot Wars: BESM Generation

Episode 7: The City of Lights

With the city of paris under attack, the speed team scrambles to intercept the enemy. When they arrive, much of the city is on fire, but the mass produced Gespensts have things more or less under control… except for a mysterious prototype heading for the airfield.

The pilots manage to guard the president and disable the prototype Valsion, but not before it actually picks up and throws the Eiffel Tower at UEM-One. Chen heroically intercepts and deflects the projectile landmark, but is rendered unconscious and his mech is badly damaged.

The Valsion self destructs, but Tentomushi and Jou manage to capture the cockpit intact. The pilot uses a cyanide capsule, but they still manage to salvage the unit’s computer.

They resume course to the Tesla Institute, and investigate the alloy used to construct the Valsion and Granzon. Apparently the material just arrived with a regular shipment one day, sat in the warehouse for several months, and then was quietly loaded onto the lion prototype shipment that disappeared.

Tesla is nearly finished with the construction of the second Space Noah class ship, the Shirogane. Concerned that the colony splinter faction may try to appropriate it, Tentomushi and Tam install several failsafe systems while Chen and Jou infiltrate the crew.

On the day of the first independent cruise test, everything seems to be going well on the Shirogane, but they receive a distress call from the _Kuro_gane. There has been a catastrophic containment breach, and Daitetsu orders all hands to evacuate while he himself pilots the ship into the ocean in hopes of containing the explosion.

Fearing that the containment breach is a ruse to steal the ship, the pilots race to intercept the Kurogane… but only Chen and Jou have any hope of catching up. Tentoumushi will take at least a few minutes to reach the docking bay, and Tam’s panzer cannot fly fast enough.



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