Super Robot Wars: BESM Generation

Episode 6: In Search of Dr. Shirakawa

At Tentoumushi’s suggestion, the Kurogane departs earth for the colonies, trying to pick up the trail of the renegade Dr. Shu Shirokawa.

At their first stop, the L3 colony cluster, Jou, Chen, and Tam attempt to get a feel for the local populace’s sympathy for their target, and the resulting street brawl suggests that there is none. It seems the colonies hate Dr. Shirokawa as much as the earth does.

Meanwhile, Tentoumushi does a little covert digging and discovers that the outer shell of the Granzon is composed of an ultra-dense alloy only supplied by the Mao Corporation.

Chen and Tam decide they’ve had enough of Jou’s brand of fun, and decide to take in a movie. On their way our, they are approached by a mysterious man with a strange accent. He turns out to be the same man who attempted to abduct Talia in Paris. He asks Tam to return with him to Mexico City for a ritual that will supposedly make them both immortal, but Tam is skeptical and refuses, citing other commitments.

Also, Lt. Browning manages to get herself arrested somehow. Fed up with his pilots’ shenanigans, Daitetsu confines them to the ship for the remainder of their stay on L3.

The next stop is the lunar city of Armstrong, home to Mao Corp’s main headquarters and R&D facility. The pilots decide to leave this leg of the investigation to the Captain in hopes of avoiding further trouble, and instead spend a relaxing day at the shopping arcade.

Daitetsu comes up with the answer: the only order of ultra-dense alloy large enough to account for the Granzon’s shell was sent to the Tesla institute in North America.

As the Kurogane moves to investigate, however, another emergency pulls them away. Paris, capital of the earth sphere, is under attack by the other unknown prototype Chen spotted on the hidden island.

The light squadron scrambles to provide cover for the fleeing UEM-One.



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