Sanger Sombold

The Sword that Smites Evil


Major Sombold was a member of the Aggressors: the elite unit of Gespenst MK1 pilots who, for all intensive purposes, invented the art of personal trooper combat as it is today. Now a Major, Sanger still considers himself a pilot first and a command officer second.

Sanger’s style of combat is rooted in melee, with all other tactics basically designed to stall for time while he closes to sword range or to keep secondary targets off his back. Although originally German, Sanger is trained at the art of kendo and considers himself a modern day samurai, even adapting traditional kiais and stances for mecha combat.

He is normally standoffish and stoic, but he becomes a totally different person on the battlefield, whooping and shouting as he charges. In the heat of battle, Sanger has been known to refer to himself as “The Sword that Smites Evil”. This particular eccentricity is something the brass like to joke about… from a safe distance.

Sanger Sombold

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