Super Robot Wars: BESM Generation

Episode 3: The Taste of Battle

Daitetsu gives Tam Silvo one chance to leave the Kurogane before they go to war. Tam declines, feeling partly responsible for what’s happening, and not wanting to abandon his friends. After some soul searching, he commits to stay.

Meanwhile, the Colony Self Defense Force turns their attention to the lunar city of New Chicago and a mechanoid being stored there. The mysterious Daikaga and its pilot Chen Kenichi, along with Lt. Commander Raidese narrowly manage to activate the lunar city’s asteroid shield, forcing the attackers out until the Kurogane can arrive and rescue them.

During the battle, Lou Chung suffers critical damage and flies into a rage, nearly crashing the Galahad into the enemy command carrier.

Tam and Sanger destroy the enemy command carrier and return to base. There, Tam learns a horrible truth: there were over 200 people on the ship he just helped destroy.

With little time to rest, the pilots prepare for a second sortie, this time hoping to flank the colony self defense force’s main fleet and catch them unprepared.

Episode 2: Phantoms and Gods

The Kurogane reported to Arizona, searching for a missing shipment of Lion Prototypes.

They discovered a large sheet of glass where the desert had been superheated, then were attacked by something with a cloaking field. It turned out to be a Pegasus class command-carrier, apparently with no PTs aboard. After a short battle, the crew evacuated and set it to self destruct.

The Kurogane returned to Paris for supplies and parts. Its pilots were granted a free day. Lou Chung took Tam Silvo and Kyosuke drinking at a hotel-casino. Chuck’s character woke up the next morning in a hotel room, curled up around a potted plant full of sick.

On their way back to the ship, they saw Emily Browning and Talia being chased by men in strange black robes. The Panzer launched by itself to come help, and they cornered the cultists on a warehouse roof. The cultists leader turned out to be a masked man with a Coatl-shaped mechanoid, who spoke an unfamiliar language. He called Panzer “Tezcatlipoca” and tried to make off with Talia. Chuck drove him off, but destroyed several city blocks in the process.

That night, the colonies broadcast a declaration of war, claiming their command-carrier was destroyed in an unprovoked attack.

Episode 1: Fire Over Peru

At California Base, Jou was assigned to the Kurogane.

In Peru, Tam Silvo saw what appeared to be an asteroid crash into the ocean.

The Kurogane arrived in Peru just in time for the “asteroid” to launch giant cricket-looking mechanoids, which made no attempt to communicate and immediately went on the attack. The “asteroid” turned out to be a conch-shell shaped carrier vessel.

The Kurogane managed to destroy the enemy vessel. The aliens have been codenamed the insectoids

Chuck’s character agreed to join the Kurogane crew as a civilian contractor.

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