Super Robot Wars: BESM Generation

Episode 7: The City of Lights

With the city of paris under attack, the speed team scrambles to intercept the enemy. When they arrive, much of the city is on fire, but the mass produced Gespensts have things more or less under control… except for a mysterious prototype heading for the airfield.

The pilots manage to guard the president and disable the prototype Valsion, but not before it actually picks up and throws the Eiffel Tower at UEM-One. Chen heroically intercepts and deflects the projectile landmark, but is rendered unconscious and his mech is badly damaged.

The Valsion self destructs, but Tentomushi and Jou manage to capture the cockpit intact. The pilot uses a cyanide capsule, but they still manage to salvage the unit’s computer.

They resume course to the Tesla Institute, and investigate the alloy used to construct the Valsion and Granzon. Apparently the material just arrived with a regular shipment one day, sat in the warehouse for several months, and then was quietly loaded onto the lion prototype shipment that disappeared.

Tesla is nearly finished with the construction of the second Space Noah class ship, the Shirogane. Concerned that the colony splinter faction may try to appropriate it, Tentomushi and Tam install several failsafe systems while Chen and Jou infiltrate the crew.

On the day of the first independent cruise test, everything seems to be going well on the Shirogane, but they receive a distress call from the _Kuro_gane. There has been a catastrophic containment breach, and Daitetsu orders all hands to evacuate while he himself pilots the ship into the ocean in hopes of containing the explosion.

Fearing that the containment breach is a ruse to steal the ship, the pilots race to intercept the Kurogane… but only Chen and Jou have any hope of catching up. Tentoumushi will take at least a few minutes to reach the docking bay, and Tam’s panzer cannot fly fast enough.

Episode 6: In Search of Dr. Shirakawa

At Tentoumushi’s suggestion, the Kurogane departs earth for the colonies, trying to pick up the trail of the renegade Dr. Shu Shirokawa.

At their first stop, the L3 colony cluster, Jou, Chen, and Tam attempt to get a feel for the local populace’s sympathy for their target, and the resulting street brawl suggests that there is none. It seems the colonies hate Dr. Shirokawa as much as the earth does.

Meanwhile, Tentoumushi does a little covert digging and discovers that the outer shell of the Granzon is composed of an ultra-dense alloy only supplied by the Mao Corporation.

Chen and Tam decide they’ve had enough of Jou’s brand of fun, and decide to take in a movie. On their way our, they are approached by a mysterious man with a strange accent. He turns out to be the same man who attempted to abduct Talia in Paris. He asks Tam to return with him to Mexico City for a ritual that will supposedly make them both immortal, but Tam is skeptical and refuses, citing other commitments.

Also, Lt. Browning manages to get herself arrested somehow. Fed up with his pilots’ shenanigans, Daitetsu confines them to the ship for the remainder of their stay on L3.

The next stop is the lunar city of Armstrong, home to Mao Corp’s main headquarters and R&D facility. The pilots decide to leave this leg of the investigation to the Captain in hopes of avoiding further trouble, and instead spend a relaxing day at the shopping arcade.

Daitetsu comes up with the answer: the only order of ultra-dense alloy large enough to account for the Granzon’s shell was sent to the Tesla institute in North America.

As the Kurogane moves to investigate, however, another emergency pulls them away. Paris, capital of the earth sphere, is under attack by the other unknown prototype Chen spotted on the hidden island.

The light squadron scrambles to provide cover for the fleeing UEM-One.

Episode 5: The Vanishing Island

The underground kingdom of La Grande has existed for thousands of years, unknown to the people of earth. It is a home to magical creatures and mythical races, where dwarves and fairies live together. That peace was shattered two days ago when a man from the surface, Dr. Shu Shirakawa, murdered seven people and fled with an artifact known as the void crystal.

One of the guard captains, Tentoumushi, is dispatched in her Magic Soldier the Tonbo to retrieve the artifact and bring Dr. Shirakawa to justice.

The Kurogane pursues the fleeing command carriers into the Atlantic Ocean and, by chance or fate, encounters Tentoumushi. Together they pursue to command carriers through a cloaking field to a mysterious island floating on the surface of the ocean.

Rather than withdrawing to request reinforcements and risk the enemy slipping away, Captain Minase decides to press their advantage of surprise and attack. The enemy unveils a new weapon, the dreadful Granzon, armed with singularity based weapons that could only have come from the void crystal.

The pilots narrowly manage to disable the Granzon, sinking it into the ocean, but in that time the rest of the enemy has fled. However, after the battle Chen makes a startling revelation: during the battle he teleported directly into the enemy hangar and sighted not just Elzam’s modified Lion, but the Grungust Zero an another SR Class prototype as well.

The CDF remain at large with three highly dangerous machines. The battle is far from over.

Episode 4: The Brothers Branstein

The crew breaks into two groups and ambushes the CDF’s main force. As the Kurogane makes a frontal assault, Raidese leads a team with Lou, Tam, and Chen to strike from the rear.

They managed to bag two enemy command carriers, but were interrupted by an enemy ace in a black Lion armed with a boosted railgun. Raidese’ Schutzwald was damaged beyond repair, and the Panzer and Galahad were disabled, but they narrowly managed to drive him away.

While the Kurogane is down for repairs in New Chicago, Lou and Chen are abducted by the mysterious ace, who reveals himself to be Elzam V. Branstein. Not only Raidese’s older brother, but Major Sombold’s best friend as well. He revealed some incite into the CDF’s motives, and then released Lou and Chen unharmed with a cryptic message for Sanger.

Meanwhile, Tam and Chief Varhan work feverishly to restore Panzer’s automated repair systems.

Now back in fighting condition, the pilots launch with the main UEM space fleet to try and prevent the CDF offensive fleet from entering the atmosphere. 5 of the twelve carriers escape, but nearly all of their PTs are destroyed. But this victory comes at a terrible cost: Major Sombold fights desperately to keep Elzam at bay during the operation, and winds up missing in action.

With no leads about the Major’s whereabouts, the Kurogane prepares to descend to earth in pursuit of the remaining carriers.

Episode 3: The Taste of Battle

Daitetsu gives Tam Silvo one chance to leave the Kurogane before they go to war. Tam declines, feeling partly responsible for what’s happening, and not wanting to abandon his friends. After some soul searching, he commits to stay.

Meanwhile, the Colony Self Defense Force turns their attention to the lunar city of New Chicago and a mechanoid being stored there. The mysterious Daikaga and its pilot Chen Kenichi, along with Lt. Commander Raidese narrowly manage to activate the lunar city’s asteroid shield, forcing the attackers out until the Kurogane can arrive and rescue them.

During the battle, Lou Chung suffers critical damage and flies into a rage, nearly crashing the Galahad into the enemy command carrier.

Tam and Sanger destroy the enemy command carrier and return to base. There, Tam learns a horrible truth: there were over 200 people on the ship he just helped destroy.

With little time to rest, the pilots prepare for a second sortie, this time hoping to flank the colony self defense force’s main fleet and catch them unprepared.

Episode 2: Phantoms and Gods

The Kurogane reported to Arizona, searching for a missing shipment of Lion Prototypes.

They discovered a large sheet of glass where the desert had been superheated, then were attacked by something with a cloaking field. It turned out to be a Pegasus class command-carrier, apparently with no PTs aboard. After a short battle, the crew evacuated and set it to self destruct.

The Kurogane returned to Paris for supplies and parts. Its pilots were granted a free day. Lou Chung took Tam Silvo and Kyosuke drinking at a hotel-casino. Chuck’s character woke up the next morning in a hotel room, curled up around a potted plant full of sick.

On their way back to the ship, they saw Emily Browning and Talia being chased by men in strange black robes. The Panzer launched by itself to come help, and they cornered the cultists on a warehouse roof. The cultists leader turned out to be a masked man with a Coatl-shaped mechanoid, who spoke an unfamiliar language. He called Panzer “Tezcatlipoca” and tried to make off with Talia. Chuck drove him off, but destroyed several city blocks in the process.

That night, the colonies broadcast a declaration of war, claiming their command-carrier was destroyed in an unprovoked attack.

Episode 1: Fire Over Peru

At California Base, Jou was assigned to the Kurogane.

In Peru, Tam Silvo saw what appeared to be an asteroid crash into the ocean.

The Kurogane arrived in Peru just in time for the “asteroid” to launch giant cricket-looking mechanoids, which made no attempt to communicate and immediately went on the attack. The “asteroid” turned out to be a conch-shell shaped carrier vessel.

The Kurogane managed to destroy the enemy vessel. The aliens have been codenamed the insectoids

Chuck’s character agreed to join the Kurogane crew as a civilian contractor.

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