Earth Sphere Government

First convened in SE 17, the Earth Sphere Government is the principle governing body for the earth and all her satellites, including both space colonies and lunar cities. The ESG is chartered to handle only the largest of issues, including the setting of overall government policy, the administration of the Earth Sphere healthcare and education system, apportionment of research funding, inter-zone and earth-to-space mass transit, and the administration and deployment of the united earth military.

Smaller, more regional issues are handled directly by the governing body of the sociopolitical zone or space colony with a minimum of interference from the ESG.

The ESG’s principle power is held by a council of representatives appointed by each sociopolitical zone. Each zone’s votes are based on their total population, whereby one million people equals one vote. Out of these representatives are a number of ministers elected within the council itself, who are more directly responsible for particular facets of the government.

The President of the Earth Sphere Government is elected by popular vote from all sociopolitical zones. His primary duties include serving as commander-in-chief of the UEM, he presides over all council meetings, and wields an extra hundred votes. He serves for a term of six years.

Earth Sphere Government

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